Plastic Washers & Fasteners Nylon, Mylar®, Nylatron®, Teflon®
Round Metal Washers Stainless Steel
Flat Metal Washers Aluminum
Metal Washers Copper and Phosphor Bronze
Specialty Metal Parts Specialty Metal Parts and Fasteners
Brewster Washers Manufactures Round & Flat Metal Washers, Plastic Washers, Shims, Discs, Spacers & Insulators

stainless steel
Stainless Steel Washers

We manufacture high-strength Stainless Steel washers that have low magnetic permeability and are corrosion-resistant.


round copper washers
Round Copper Washers

Our non-magnetic Copper Washers have a good sealing capability, are good heat and electrical conductors.
Copper Washers...


Aluminum washers
Flat Aluminum Washers

Our lightweight Aluminum Washers are one-third the weight of steel, have a good sealing capability, and are non-magnetic.

EDM Specialty Metal Fasteners

Custom Precision Parts

Brewster Washers manufacturing process can accommodate specialty metal fasteners measuring up to 12” in length, thicknesses measuring from .001” to 9” and a minimum diameter as small as .050”.


phosphor bronze washers
Phosphor Bronze Washers

We offer customized Phosphor Bronze washers and fasteners that include: belleville, bowed, cup, disc, pivot, spring, and tension.
Phosphor Bronze Washers...

Plastic Washers and fasteners
Plastic Washers & Fasteners

We manufacture Non-metallic and Plastic washers and fasteners in Mylar®, Nylatron®, Delrin® and other materials ranging in thicknesses from .0005" to .030"